Digital storytelling:  Unearthing stories that have never been told before!  

Support and enable creative artists in the community.

Feeding Young Mind’s initiative, Voices of Diversity, is a multicultural digital storytelling series which was created to celebrate other cultures, to support and enable creative artists who are culturally diverse in the Victorian community to develop their crafts and to become paid professional artists.


In alignment with Feeding Young Mind’s Four Pillars of Humanity: diversity, inclusion, freedom and equality, the multicultural digital storytelling program aim to celebrate diverse cultures by disseminating, educating, and encouraging positive discussions within the wider Australian community, about topics of racial and creed prejudices, gender orientation, freedom, and equality.

Over the years it has become increasingly important to celebrate diverse cultures and be able to see themselves represented in film and television. It is a significant aspect of present day living in a modern society. Not only is it a way for us to connect and relate to one another through celebration and dramatization, but it also reflects who we are as a society and shows us the potential of who we might be.

1 in 4

people in Australia were
born overseas.

1 in 10

Australians believe that some races are inferior or superior to others

Feeding Young Minds 2021

“There is a richness to be attained as culturally aware and awakened society with the inclusion of the diverse and ethnic voices of the many than that of the Caucasian few” 

– Maya A./Poet

Through the Voice of Diversity program, Feeding Young Minds will celebrate multiculturalism by showcasing creative artists and their personal stories on how foreign cultures adjust to the Australian lifestyle and shed light on what life is like for an immigrant living and adapting to Australian laws and customs.

The digital stories through visual media will be submitted to various festivals and screenings around the world, to further educate and propagate cultural diversity and inclusion.

By sharing stories of their lived experiences, the audience will gain a better insight into their lives and a clearer understanding of their social economic issues thereby promoting inclusion and improve communications with one another with kindness, respect and understanding.


have at least one parent who was born overseas


of Australians speak a language other than English at home


of Australians had experienced discrimination

Support and enable creative artists to develop their craft.
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