Feeding Young Minds (FYM) is a not-for-profit incorporated entity managed by a diverse group as board of directors.  All board members are volunteers including the president, treasurer, secretary and public officer. We are actors, directors, producers, accountants and business professionals.  We bring vast knowledge of the industry from an international perspective. Our team is made up of working artists from the United States and from Australia.  They help steer the charity resources to where they think they should go.  They help drive the strategic direction of the organization and collaborate with other partners and artists to enable the organization to obtain resources, funds and the support necessary to implement the organisation’s strategic and creative objectives.


Feeding Young Minds (FYM) is a small not for profit organization in the arts and education sector. Educationally, we provide bursaries to young students for academic and vocational goals promoting multicultural awareness and development. Artistically, our vision is to promote diversity, inclusion and equality through arts. We aim to achieve our mission through partnership building, auspicing arrangements, the development of cultural projects and artistic workshops. FYM supports inspiring multicultural projects to flourish thereby enabling artists to realize their creative dreams and promote multiculturalism and inclusion.


We are passionate about creating multicultural art projects to empower young people in the Victorian community who are marginalized and/or disadvantaged. We believe creativity is that element in human existence that allows for change and transformation enabling both continuity and adaptability. When creativity is combined with cultural stories, artists are able to create influential artworks enabling us to perceive things differently. They are the agents of change and innovation.

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Support and enable creative artists to develop their craft.
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