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A writer from Singapore, the land of chicken rice and hefty fines. During my spare time, I illustrate whatever my heart desires—quirky doodles, Taylor Swift references, you name it. By night, I can be found serenading my cat to sleep with my guitar.

M E E T  M A R I E

Say Hello.

What creative work do you do?
I write about subjects I think (or hope) people will care about.

What’s the best part of what you do?
The options are endless as to the content I create; I’ll never run out of ideas.

What’s the hardest part?
The options are endless as to the content I create; I always run out of ideas. Somehow. The internet’s so damn effective that seemingly everything has been covered, y’know?

And also, imposter syndrome.

What are some of the things you’re obsessed with right now?
Iced black tea, riddled with an unhealthy amount of sugar. In Singapore, it’s known as Teh O Peng. I drink at least three cups of it daily.

M A R I E’ S

Creative Works.

Singapore Noodles

The number of times I’ve introduced myself as Singaporean and received an ecstatic “Oh, I love Singapore Noodles!” is… unfathomable. 


Singapore often prides itself on its multilingualism, yet the majority of its younger generation has strayed from speaking their native tongue following decades of linguistic repression.

What are you working on now that’s exciting for you?

An upcoming zine called Relics: it’ll uncover stories about murder, death and overall horrors from the bygone eras. The first issue ‘Vanity’ will encompass catastrophic stories in cosmetics that history has seen.

A lethal poison, Aqua Tofana, was disguised as makeup products and used to kill hundreds of men—and that’s just one of the examples. Horrific, yes. But so incredibly fascinating.

Stickers and art prints will be released alongside the physical zine for purchase, and there’ll be a limited print run. Very niche and I doubt anyone will buy them but hey, if it’s what fuels my drive, amirite?


Consume as much of whatever creative you produce.
Write books? Read books. Make music? Listen to music.

– Marie.

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